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Walk up to a woman, ask for her phone number and invite her for a date. Many men would say, this is not as easy to do as it seems. But even after you set the date, doubts about whether you can interest the woman and win her sympathy can be very overwhelming. Partially, how your relationship will further develop depends on how your first date will go. It can be amazing or it could just end on the first day. .. Therefore, you need to prepare very carefully.

Women love with their ears. This statement only partly reflects the essence of her soul. Yes, beautiful words definitely work, but a woman will also pay attention to your appearance. Of course, dirty clothes and shoes, unpleasant smell, or dirty fingernails will make the woman of interest turn around and leave is the least to mention. You still need to get ready carefully for a first date, a sports suit or jacket with a tie in never a good option. The best outfit for the first date would be stylish jeans and an ironed shirt. Good cologne can play a big role as well!

Being late for a date definitely will not add points. So show how important this woman is to you and be on time, or even better – ten minutes before.

Sometimes silence on the first date can immediately put an end to further communication. Therefore, think over the topics for conversation in advance, but do not overdo it. No one likes endless conversations about everything and anything. It can quickly bore your date and make her feel like you might be somewhat self-centered. The lively and emotionally involved conversation is the best solution for a first date.

Show yourself as an attentive, caring person, but do not forget, women prefer a goal-oriented man. Although, there is no need to brag about your recent purchases and money-related topics. Talk to her about your greatest achievements in life. How you felt when you purchased your first car and how proud you are of getting to through the little milestones you’ve set for yourself. Also, it won’t hurt to talk about future plans in life. If you plan on building a family In the near future, definitely let her know. She might be looking for someone with your mindset.

Always give her compliments, but don’t just say generic “You look amazing”, there are so many other wonderful ways to compliment her and make her feel like she is the most gorgeous woman in the world. The very important thing is to not start any conversation about being intimate with her, this will definitely make her feel like you are just interested in a short term relationship. One thing for sure, if you make the right impression on her for the first time, she will be all yours. 

All people are different, so it is impossible to just use the same script for all first dates. There are many factors that can affect how your date might feel about you. So, make sure to not just say generic sentences. Instead, show enthusiasm and attentiveness. Good manners are still expected. You should be able to adapt to the situation on the first date and make it as comfortable as possible for the two of you. Just remember to always be yourself and respect your date. 

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