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Valentine’s Day is approaching and most of your family members and friends are probably busy looking for a romantic date and gift ideas. People get caught up in preparing for the celebration of their love, but what if you don’t have anyone to celebrate it with? Fear not, Olivia Date is here to give you a few tips on how to not be lonely this Valentine’s Day!

Hang Out with Your Single Friends

Check and see if any of your friends are currently single. Even if it’s just an acquittance it can be a lot of fun to spend this day together. You can visit your local park, get some ice cream and get to know each other. Also, another great way to spend this day with your single friend is to binge-watch a funny TV show while having some healthy snacks and a glass of wine. Although, if staying home is not something you prefer to do, check out some local concerts or movies. But, don’t freak out when all you will see around is a lot of people in love. We warned you! 🙂 

Volunteer at Animal Shelter

This might sound like a weird thing to do on Valentine’s Day, but not when you are single and especially if you adore dogs and/or cats. There are hundreds of animals that are in need of love and care. You can have a lot of fun spending time with our four-legged friends and do a good thing by helping shelter workers. Also, just you might leave home with a new best friend!

Visit Your Local Single Mingle Mixer

Guess what? There are millions of single people in the world on Valentine’s Day. But, some of them find a way to enjoy this day. They actually find fun things to do and have the best time of their lives. We suggest checking out your local bars for singles mixing events. A lot of single people get together in one place and have tasty cocktails while getting to know each other. This could be a great way for you to spend this Valentine’s Day and maybe possibly meet the future love of your life.

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