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The newlyweds exchange the wedding rings and wedding celebrations begin, so as the spouses begin a new, unexplored life. But it’s not always blue skies and suns, sometimes it gets cloudy in the new union of love. According to statistics, today every third marriage ends up in a divorce. Many will ask, could this be avoided?

Experts say that newlyweds need to be prepared for the fact that life “before” and “after” the wedding is very different. Often, apart from mutual attraction and mad passion, misunderstandings arise between spouses, and the solution of everyday problems, which sometimes grow like a snowball, is not easy for many. It happens that even a little inconvenience can undermine even the strongest family union. However, making your marriage strong and reliable is still possible. To do this, follow these tips:

Good advice is more precious than gold.

To save your marriage, psychologists advise to listen and talk to your family members or friends. Especially if these people have considerable experience of happy family life. Unfortunately for many couples, it is not easy to understand their own problems without being emotionally involved. In this situation, good advice from the outside perspective can be a wake-up call. Try to talk about marriage issues with your friends or family, carefully listen to their opinions and advice. But take everything with a grain of salt. Sometimes, even our family and best friends don’t have our interests at heart. If you feel like it is a dead-end and your close ones can’t help you with your situation, try to seek help from a marriage counselor.

What about the money?

Experts say: one of the most common causes of marriage issues is the allocation/spending of family funds. For example, one spouse is very careful with his/her money and the other likes to live largely. In this case, communication is key. If such problems arise at any point, it never hurts to discuss the spending budget for the month and find compromises. Therefore, sometimes it is good to talk about these things with your partner before marriage.

Romance in the price.

According to psychologists, in order to have peace and comfort in the family nest, it is very useful to complement each other, thank your partner and at least occasionally give presents. Unexpected surprises can also bring the fire back into your marriage. Why not get the tickets to some concert or go on a short trip? Remember, romance is what usually keep the relationship balanced and keeps you both in high spirits.

More words!

Another important point: often after several years of marriage, spouses have a little conversation with each other. You can say, what is there to talk about? We already know everything about each other! Well, it is very important to have your own interests and hobbies. Maybe you’ve been always curious about playing golf. Take a few classes to get a grasp and see if you like it. This way, every day when you get back home you have something to share with your loved one. You can even make it a tradition to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate or tea and discuss how your day went. Even 5 minutes per day of such communication can drastically increase communication. Always feel free to tell your partner about how you feel right now and maybe if something is bothering you. No need to keep emotions and thoughts inside, accumulating it might end in shutting off from your spouse. Otherwise, one day some little inconvenience might have you explode in anger and pour all the accumulated problems on your unsuspecting spouse.

Love yourself.

In order for you to be loved the way you deserve it, you have to love yourself first. It is known that people with very little self love lack confidence. This may lead to insecurities and misunderstandings in your marriage. Therefore, don’t forget to always talk about your feelings and emotions with your spouse. You need to know your own worth and not allow others to treat you disrespectfully!

Although it seems to many that it is easier to destroy a marriage or to get a divorce, than to correct your own mistakes, to try to understand your partner. But keep in mind: if you failed to build a normal relationship in one marriage, where is the guarantee that you will succeed in the next one?

Learn to give in and be wise, more tolerant of your spouse’s shortcomings, adjust to the mood of your partner. And by all means, strive to make your lover happier! And she will answer you the same!

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