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Winter holidays are such a magical time for all couples, especially if this is their first year together. Being in love and experiencing all of the holiday winter activities as a couple for the first time is wonderful. Although, it doesn’t really matter if this is your first time together during the winter holidays or your tenth. It can always be unique and fun every single time. Here are seven ideas on how you and your soulmate can spend this New Year’s Eve in the most romantic way!

1. Watch Fireworks

It is known that fireworks are an essential element of New Year’s Eve. Take this opportunity and find a place that has the best view to see fireworks in action. It can be a park near your house or a town square. Wear warm clothes, grab a few blankets (if needed) and head out sometime before midnight to get a good spot.

2. Celebrate Somewhere You’ve Never Been Before

New Year’s Eve is a perfect time and reason to travel somewhere new and greet the new year in a new place. You can surprise your loved one with tickets to a place both of you always wanted to visit but never got a chance. Many hotels host their own New Year’s Eve parties, all you need to do is book a table for two in advance. This is a very unique and romantic way of celebrating New Year’s Eve together. 

3. Attend a Themed Party

This is an idea for couples that like to try out new things. Many restaurants and venues host themed New Year’s Eve parties. You can find one by simply checking online, one of the most popular themes is The Great Gatsby. You and your loved one will get to dress up in stylish vintage clothes and dance the night away to the tunes of blues and jazz while being surrounded by beautiful decorations and the vibe of old New York. 

4. Get a Cabin in the Woods

Feeling a bit tired of the city? You can change it up for you and your loved one by renting a cabin in the woods. There is nothing more romantic than celebrating New Year’s by setting up a fireplace and cuddling up to each other while watching a romantic Christmas movie. 

5. Go to Movies

This may sound weird, but you will be surprised how empty the movie theaters get on New Year’s Eve. This might be the perfect romantic way to celebrate a new year together. Just the two of you watching your favorite Christmas movie while enjoying snacks and hot cocoa.

6. Make a Time Capsule

This is one of the cutest ways to celebrate the new year. You and your significant other will get to put together a collection of meaningful items in a tin or a special box. Set the time to open it next year and bury the box in a place you feel the most appropriate. The next year, when you get to open the time capsule you can reflect on the past year and see how far both of you have come. 

7. Get on a Boat

This romantic idea of celebrating the New Year is for couples that like nature and adventure. Go for a midnight boat ride in the lake or river. You can watch the fireworks and enjoy the nature around you. Also, don’t forget to bring blankets, some snacks, and hot cocoa in travel mugs to keep you warm.

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