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Christmas is just around the corner as well as winter holidays and what is a better way to spend it rather than with your loved one? Of course, it can be fun staying in and sipping on hot cocoa, but we got 10 date ideas that can add more fun memories to your relationship. Get ready to take notes, here we go!

1. Compete in a Gingerbread House Decoration

First, get all necessities to make a gingerbread house. You can buy a pre-made kit at any grocery store, or if you like the challenge, make it from scratch. Set the mood and light up few candles with a nice scent, cinnamon and apples perhaps? Turn on your favorite holiday playlist and get all the necessities for a successful gingerbread house decoration. You can time the decorating part, just to make it a little bit more fun! Start the timer and decorate away. Once done, you can send a photo of your freshly decorated gingerbread houses to your friends and families and ask to rate! Whoever wins, gets to pick what present to get for Christmas. 

2. Get Your Own Christmas Tree at The Farm

Take your loved one to a magical place called a Christmas Tree farm, you can find many of them close by, just check online for working hours. Embrace the outdoors and pick out your own special Christmas tree, you can even cut it down yourself. Bring home your freshly cut tree and decorate.

3. Ice-skating

This is one of the most romantic and cute date ideas! Take your loved one to a local ice-skating rink that’s lit up with beautiful Christmas lights and decorations under the sky. Spend the night holding-hands, while singing to your favorite Holiday tunes and doing loops around the rink. Once done, you can grab a hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies at the local bakery. 

4. Visit Local Neighborhood Christmas Lights

Christmas lights set magical mood even if it’s really cold outside. Instead of walking around freezing, hop in your car. Spend the night driving around with your loved one and admire your local neighborhood known for their beautifully decorated houses.

5. See a Christmas Play

Stop by a theatre nearby and get in your Holiday spirit by watching a Christmas themed musical or play. There are many options of performances such as “ The Christmas Carol”, “White Christmas”, “ELF” and other. Want to surprise your loved one with tickets to a musical on Broadway. A trip to beautiful New York city and magical musical will be a great way to enjoy winter holidays.

6. Make Your Own Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We know this might sound “difficult” but it doesn’t have to be! It can be such a fun and easy activity, that you might want to take it further and make it your Christmas tradition. All you need is two regular sweaters, few Christmas themed iron on patches, some bows, holiday decorations, and glue! Or if you don’t want to waste time getting all supplies, just order ugly sweater kits online. Now that you have everything, time to decorate! Pick your theme and compete with your loved one on who gets to create the ugliest sweater.

7. Volunteer

Christmas is about giving back and we believe this might be the most fulfilling date idea ever! Give back by volunteering at your local church or toy drive. Put a smile on a child’s face and make them feel very special this holiday season. 

8. Go Snow Tubing

Sure building a snowman is fun, but have you ever tried snow tubing? If no, then this is a perfect activity for you and your special one this holiday season. Get ready for the best time of your life! Put on your warmest clothes and enjoy a full day of this fun activity together.  

9. Have a Christmas Themed Dinner

Christmas would not be Christmas without delicious food! You can treat your date to a nice dinner at your local restaurant or make dinner yourself. If the second option is something you’ve always wanted to do, but don’t know where to start. We suggest checking Christmas dinner recipes online, making your own list and releasing your inner chef. Although, perhaps if pecan pie is your selected option for the desert, it can be bought at the store.

10. Go Christmas Shopping Together 

Let’s be honest, Christmas shopping can be very stressful, especially at the mall this time of the year. We suggest checking out your local unique gift stores, they are usually less crowded and sell one-of-a-kind gifts. This way your Christmas shopping spree can be interesting and fun, but most importantly stress-free.

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