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10 Fun and Silly Halloween Date Ideas

You can spend this Halloween together as a couple and have as much fun as you would at the party!

We are never too old for trick or treating and each Halloween, the chilly fall season brings sweethearts closer to spend this cozy and spooky evening together. Here are some great ideas for couples to share the fun on Halloween and build unforgettable memories:

Pumpkin Patch

It is pretty awesome to visit a pumpkin patch or carving festival together. Make it more personal and fun by challenging each other to a pumpkin carving contest if you feel a little competitive. Post your work of art to your social media and see who gets more likes. Let’s go!

Marathon of Spooky Movies

Spend the night watching Halloween classics (the scarier the better) and get spooky cuddles! Don’t forget to make a grocery store run for snacks, candy, and popcorn beforehand and be ready to sweeten into the night.

Costume Shop with Your Boo

Choose a day to go costume shopping together. Try on the ones you think you’d never want to wear, make a challenge to find the most ridiculous costumes, wear it, and dare each other to act according to your costume character. Fun, right?

Wicked Walk

If you don’t feel like doing much, just put on your coziest sweaters, get hot chocolate and go for a walk in the most Halloween decorated neighborhoods in your area.

Scary Haunted House

There are many Halloween related activities such as haunted houses, scary mazes, and themed amusement parks. Choose the creepiest of them all and experience the thrill together hugging each other each time you both get scared.

Volunteer for a Good Cause

Find a Halloween and volunteer together: decorate local parks, donate a bucket of candy to schools and playgrounds for kids, participate in costume parties at children hospitals and foster homes.

DIY Away

Find a project you wanted to make since you were a child, maybe a Halloween costume? Pick up all DIY materials for your dream costume. Have a costume crafting day with your soulmate. What could be better?

Bake Boo-Cake

Show your partner how much you care and bake a spooky-themed treat, add some hearts to those pumpkins to score more points!

Get Halloween Vibe Going

If you have an attic or a backyard, bring your date there to share ghost stories while watching the stars or warming up next to a bonfire. Bonus: make a Halloween playlist and share it with your partner. This way both of you can listen to it afterward and reminisce of this fun night together.

Go Wild

Dress up in your costumes and attend a nearby Halloween themed party together for a night of dance and great music.

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