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“What do singles seek in their prospective partners?”

Gone are the days when you were considered a “good catch” if you were gorgeous or you had a fabulous income or if you were good behind closed doors. Today it’s a lot more complex than that. What do singles seek in their prospective partners? Before you brag about yourself, how can you be sure you are a good catch?

Are You Available?

Be sure you are available for a relationship if you are seeking one. If you are addicted to your work or consumed by other interests, you cannot do justice to a budding relationship. Thus, get over your previous relationships, leave behind all emotional baggage and move on!

Do You Believe in Equality in a Relationship?

If you have faith in a give and take relationship, only then can you do justice to it?. Both partners need to be at par and willing to compromise for each other for a fulfilling relationship.

Are You Unrealistic?

Are you a level-headed person or do you have unrealistic expectations for a relationship? If you day-dream about a date straight out of that glamour magazine you may not be a good catch! Who will risk trying to fulfill all your “out of this world” dreams?

Are You a Fitness Freak?

If your conversation on your first date is going to be all about calories and push-ups, you may be better off in a gym. There are other, more pleasant ways to convey matters of the heart. But being health conscious, without being paranoid about it, is definitely a catch. It means you take care of your well-being, are particular to avoid unhealthy habits and it shows in you are great shape! You will make a great company.

Do You Value Other People’s Opinions?

Even if you disagree with someone, do you respect her opinion? Do you give her a fair opportunity to put across her views? If you believe that no one but you can say the truth, you are not a good catch. And that is undoubtedly true.

Do You Beg for Attention?

If you try desperate means to seek attention, you are not a good catch. Even if you like someone, do not cling to her. Let the attraction be mutual. Allow the affection to grow. Learn to give her some space. Try to not be possessive or demand her attention.

Do You believe in Love at First Sight?

Dreaming about an instantaneous attraction, where you would be swept off your feet? Well, it may just turn out to be an infatuation that may fizzle out sooner than you realize. If you are a good catch, you will allow a relationship to evolve and mature over time.

Are You Honest?

Honesty and trust are the pillars of any relationship. Therefore, being honest does not mean you go on and on about your obnoxious ex or your passionate one night stand years ago. Be frank about your ambitions, your desires or your expectations. You are a good catch if you are honest and can be trusted.

Do You Stand By Your Values?

Compromise is key to a successful relationship, but that does not mean to let go of your principles. You are a good catch if you stand by your values and learn to put your foot down against anything unethical. So, being accepted and appreciated for who you are heralds the beginning of a mature relationship.

Are You Independent?

Being in a relationship does not mean you need help and support from your partner in all that you do. Are you competent enough to tackle all your problems on your own? You are a good catch if you are self-reliant.

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