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Some countries outlaw them. Some countries are lenient. Others leave it up to free will. Whatever stance a nation takes, everyone has a view of how emotion should be displayed. Public Displays of Affection (PDA) have varying degrees of acceptance. Some hate it; some say its ok, while others don’t mind it-within limits, of course. So what are these limits? What is a sweet sight to behold and what is vulgar?

Holding Hands

Awwwww … Now, this PDA is least noticeable by others, but very special to the two people holding hands. This way, you can express how you feel and still not be the center of attention. Holding hands is a sweet way to spend a leisurely afternoon walking past sun-bathed sidewalks and boutiques. Holding hands is not just for teenagers. Well, it does give an image of a summer romance when school is over. Nonetheless, everyone approves the young (and old) romance of holding hands.


This category has several fine lines. A kiss on the forehead is a deeply meaningful moment between two people. To the world, it is a sign of a deep bond and expression of care. It could also be a kiss reserved for family. A sweet momentary kiss will get the grannies in the park to smile. One long, passionate kiss will still not elicit much uproar. However, if you take it to the next level you may only get looks of disapproval.

Passionate Kissing and Beyond

Be truthful. Would you like to see this if you were enjoying a nice cup of coffee at a roadside cafe? Better yet in a supermarket? No one appreciates this level of passion in public. It is considered distasteful to watch a couple go at it. Although, some couples would argue that in the moment of passion, the surroundings disappear into nothingness and nothing matters except the moment. We all have been there in the moment at one time or another. Although the thing to remember is that those moments should be private and the emotions should be kept to your own. It also does not show much respect for other people who are sharing the space with you. In the end, this disrespect of space could creep into a relationship too.

For the Adventurous: Why the Good Conduct?

  1. In a group of people trying to talk, it is plain bad taste unless it is a make-out party. In that case, you are in the right environment if you are a teenager.
  2. With all the smartphone cameras these days the next thing you know, you might find snaps of you and your honey on a seedy website.
  3. Even when in the company of close friends, it is still deemed anti-social behavior, which will definitely gross your friends.
  4. While driving a car, showing affection could be a dangerous thing to do.
  5. It does remind other single people around how lonely they are.
  6. Do you hear the argument for freedom of expression? Well, if you spot a heavy object flying your way, that is freedom of expression, too.
  7. Some things people can live without seeing.
  8. In a restaurant, do not go overboard unless you like the sight of people trying to keep their food down.
  9. Too much intimacy in public is interpreted as a deeper insecurity if you have to show the world that the person is, in fact, actually with you.
  10. A covert glance, a quiet squeeze of your partner’s hand, or a quick kiss can quickly build up to a crescendo. Make sure your passionate energy is more a savored secret rather than an open voyeuristic advertisement to the world.

Subtlety Pays Well

You have wined, danced, and been through the dating gamut. You and your partner are very comfortable with each other. Here are some tips to suave ways of showing affection rather than acting like a school kid trying to navigate from first to second base.

Be a Gentlemen

Brush a tendril of hair delicately off her face. Playing tic-tac-toe allows you to be close and have a shared moment. Offer your arm while taking a stroll. Let her snuggle in the crook of your arm when you share a cab together.

Movies: A Classic Meter

Think back to the romantic movies that you will never forget. There was no tonsil hockey going on there. The best remembered on-screen romances reflected a chemistry that sizzled and simmered (not exploded) on the screen like a passionate time bomb. Take your cue from the classics. Elegance and real drama are revealed slowly. Speak the unspoken language of love. There is lot to discover.

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