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There are many pitfalls that can get in a way of successful online dating experience. Here are 5 common online dating mistakes Olivia Date recommends you to avoid.

1) How Old Is That Picture?

Don’t post outdated photos of yourself- this is one of the worst mistakes you can make with online dating. Most of us don’t like how we look in pictures, so when we take one we really like, we tend to post the same one over and over again even if it’s outdated. You’re only setting yourself up for failure and disappointment by posting your high school photos when you finally meet the person of interest. You really don’t want for them to meet you in person and be disappointed. Right?

2) Read Their Profile

A lot of people don’t take time to fully read your profile – they usually look at pictures and contact you based on your looks. This is wrong. Take the time to read and study a profile, see what this person is like before you invest any time in them. Reading their profile will also give you some information to help you start a meaningful conversation.

3) First Message

Don’t send a generic, standard form introduction message. Thus, you need to send a message that speaks to this particular person. A lot of members can easily spot a generic message and chances are, they won’t respond to it. Also, mention something you saw in their profile and give them a solid reason why you are contacting them. Like their smile, shirt, pet, bike or a car? Compliment it! This will set you apart from all other generic “Hi, how are you?” messages. Take the first step and engageino a conversation that might interest that person.

4) Don’t Be A Stalker

Don’t stalk members if they are not responding. You’re probably a great person but if you keep contacting someone who is not responding, at best, you look desperate. So, if you message someone you like and think is perfect for you, but they don’t respond to your messages, wait for a little before following up again. You don’t want to scare them away. Sometimes people are on business trips or are generally busy and have no chance to answer their messages right away. Never be rude to another person about not getting back to you, rather thank them once they do respond.

5) Expectations

Online dating takes time, so don’t set high expectations right away. If you think you are going to meet ‘the one’ within two days of filling out your profile, don’t set your hopes too high. Remember, your perfect partner is out there and is looking for you too. Never give up or stop until you meet the person of your dreams!

Whether you are looking for the love of your life or just a new relationship, Olivia Date is here to help you and support you along the way.

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