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Are you focused on finding a serious relationship, but just happened to be equally attracted to two ladies? Well, you are not alone. Many other people in various parts of the world are in a similar dilemma. You must have heard the saying “You have to kiss many frogs before finding your prince charming, in this case, “princess charming”. So, how do you make that important choice and start a new serious relationship?

Here are some pieces of relationship advice on how to play it safe when interested in two or multiple ladies.

1. Start by learning the personalities of ladies; find out what you like or dislike in them. This is the first elimination point. Eliminate those with behaviors that you detest, no matter how beautiful or nice she might be. You don’t want to be forced to tolerate unbearable behaviors because you overlooked the issue for physical beauty. C’mon, don’t let your lust hinder your sight or corrupt your mind.

2. Step two is to know what you want from each lady. You might be looking for a marriage partner, a person to just date for the sake of it. Different ladies have different things to offer in a relationship, therefore, know what you are looking for and choose the right candidate.

3. Do not chase after the wind. Are these ladies equally interested in you? It’s really demoralizing when your heartthrob shows you little attention if any. It’s good to love but it’s even better, soothing and calming if the other party returns your feelings of affection as well.

4. What makes you happy, who makes you smile just by remembering her name? Do you daydream about her? You don’t want to end up with someone whose interests diverge greatly from yours, and one who doesn’t make you feel alive.

Falling for two ladies is ok, winning their affection is even better. However, be careful, after all this is not a guarantee that things will work out later. You are at risk of losing both of them if they feel you are unable to commit to a relationship.

Exercise caution when going about this; take your time to know them better and seek dating advice from your friends or people you know care about your future. While it sounds like fun to date two people, be careful as you are dealing with feelings of two individuals. You should also be aware there is no kind way to break someone’s heart if it went too far.


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