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Stop thinking like a ‘friend’ and take control of the situation. “

She makes your heart beat faster and your heart drop. And then comes the dreaded line that is fatal to any budding romantic relationship: “Let’s just be friends?” Your love interest treats you as just one of the guys while you want to take your relationship to a more romantic and committed level. So you have had enough of just being friends and taking it slow and want to know how to progress from a friend to a lover. To begin, stop thinking like ‘just a friend’ and get ready to take control of the situation. It is time to work on an action plan that will help the relationship get charged and decide its fate. This is now a ‘do or die’ situation, so either you find out if there is a chance of future romance or it is time to move on.

Turn on the Charm

As ‘friends’ you usually avoid much physical contact and it is time to put an end to that. You feel that you are meant for each other; if only you could show your affection to your ‘friend’ and ensure that they see the relationship as it should be. However, like all good things take it slow. Make physical contact while you chat and catch up with each other. Hold her hand or tuck a stray hair strand in place. Physical contact is the primary criterion that distinguishes a friend from a sweetheart or lover. Position your body in a manner that shows that all your attention is on your ‘friend’. Make eye contact and hold it for a few seconds and then linger on her mouth. Maintain a distance that doesn’t seem to aggressive but just enough to let you have the upper hand.

Stop Treating Her as A Pal

Irrespective of the “Let’s be friends?” Stance stop treating your sweetheart as just one of your friends. Do you find yourself meeting her only during the morning or afternoon hours? Well, avoid meeting only during the day but make certain that you spend time during the evenings and later. This is a more romantic and intimate time and adds magic to your efforts.

Control the Situation

Decide how you want to handle the situation and start calling the shots. Friends create a comfort zone while lovers excite and challenge. So get the adrenalin going and get out of the good friendly comfort zone. Choose situations and activities that challenge your possible future partner. There is nothing like sharing a new experience that brings two people together, plan some time away from your usual routines. A weekend spent skiing, camping or water rafting can open up your ‘friend’ to the real nature of your relationship.

No Talk of Friends

The more you talk of other members of the opposite sex you are just friends with, the more it will seem natural for your love interest to see you as just a friend. To be taken as more than a pal you need to behave the same way.

Keep the Mystery

Let them do most of the talking, so you don’t give away all your secrets. You need a few cards up your sleeve to dazzle and delight. A romantic relationship at its start is fuelled by the excitement of discovering each other. So if you know each other inside out there really isn’t anything left to explore. Don’t be the friend that she comes to unload the day’s tension. However, if this is the situation you find yourself in, then handle it in a way a lover would, not just a friend. For example, shoulders massage is a short way to get the message across.

You need to send subtle and sometimes blatant messages that you are ready to move from ‘just friends’ to ‘more than friends’. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to be the buddy in the background as your love walks into the sunset with someone else.

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