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Start Strong and Make It Last

New year means new resolutions, but most of us have broken some of them at one time or another. We decide to improve our health in the new year, quit a bad habit, or start reading more. While these are great resolutions for self-improvement, being in a relationship might alter the way you set your goals. 

Setting the right goals and new year resolutions while in a relationship can positively affect your love life and bring happiest memories. 

We have put together a list of simple new year relationship resolutions to navigate you through the future year in the happiest way possible. 

  • Schedule a Date Night Once a Week

We know this might be something that’s extremely hard to do with your crazy work schedule and fast-paced lifestyle. But, try to make the time once every week and plan a date night. It has a magical effect on a relationship but only if you make it your tradition. It could be staying in and having Chinese food or going out to a very cute restaurant. Try to pick different places and cuisines, as routine can become unnecessary boring, 

  • Random Acts of Love

The romance is not dead if you carry on with surprising your loved one with cute and romantic acts. For example, before leaving home for work write her a little note saying how much you appreciate her. While at work, you can randomly call her and say how much you miss her smile. By doing such little but romantic gestures you will ensure the year full of love and happiness for you and your partner. 

  • Focus on the Positive

Don’t forget to smile even if things are tough at the moment. It is okay to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner if you are feeling down. Make it a priority to always speak freely but also to listen without judgment if your partner wants to share her own thoughts. Focusing on the positive can have a great effect on your relationship as it allows you to feel comfortable sharing any worrisome situations with your loved one.

  • Be There

It is very important to always be there for your partner. Not just support, but be present. Also, regularly checking-up on each other is one of the best ways to make a relationship last. For example, you are both busy at work but you have got that 10 minute break, text your loved one. Just got in your car after work? Call her and ask if she would like to get pizza today instead of making dinner. Make it a habit to regularly show you care about her and she will do the same.

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