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“You need to share a vision that would bring a new meaning to your life together.”

Been in a relationship for long enough? You enjoy being together and cherish your friendship, but do you get jitters thinking about marriage? Are you in a dilemma whether it is the right time to say “I DO?”

Ask yourself the following questions and answer honestly. It is a great guide to help you evaluate the long-term prospects of your relationship and to know if it is time to enter into matrimony.

Why Do We Want to Get Married?

Obviously, because we are in “LOVE!

You cannot be more wrong. Love is a vital ingredient of a long-lasting relationship, but not the only one. Thus, a lifetime relationship is not built on love alone. Being in love is a great feeling, but when it comes to entering into matrimony, do not let your heart rule your head! Be realistic and think logically before you decide to take the plunge! One can’t survive on love and fresh air alone.

What Do We Have in Common?

“We both love Italian cuisine. We enjoy skiing, and both of us adore cats!” Well, it sounds too shallow to sustain a lifetime of togetherness! You both need to have a common purpose in life, something more profound and unfathomable. You need to share a vision that would bring a new meaning to your life together.

Am I Frank with My Partner?

Do you feel safe to confide your silly doubts or your intimate secrets to her? Do you feel talking to him will unburden your heart? Moreover, are you sure he will not look down upon you or think you are too vulnerable? The key to a successful marriage is communication. So, if you feel emotionally secure with your partner, you are in the right relationship.

Do I Hope to Change Her After Marriage?

You should want to enter into a lifetime relationship with a person because you like her the way she is NOW and not for how she WILL be later. Also, if you dislike certain things about her and want to marry her hoping she will change later, it is an unwise decision that you may regret later.

How is My Partner as a Person?

“She has a charming personality, is doing really well in her career and a great cook.” Yes, that sounds nice, but what does she look forward to in life? Does she make efforts to grow as a person, or yearn only for material benefits? Does she stand by her principles and strive to be honest and sincere? Moreover, a person who puts materialistic goals ahead of everything else may not mature as a person to understand the intricacies of life.

Is She Nice to Other People?

How does she come across to others? Does she get along well with her colleagues? Is she in touch with her parents? Does she respect them? Maybe she enjoys interacting with your friends? Does she generally speak well about others; is she appreciative about the right things or do you always hear her criticize? Also, how does she treat the taxi driver or the errand boy at his office?

If she is sensitive about other people’s feelings she is a great person to be with. So, it is unlikely that she will knowingly hurt your feelings.

It is NOT the right time to think about marriage IF You are:

  • Planning to marry to escape loneliness and insecurity.
  • Seriously concerned about her habits like smoking, drinking or improper diet.
  • Not comfortable discussing the handling of finances after marriage.

It is NOT the right time to think about marriage IF She:

  • Is too ambitious about her career.
  • Avoids talking about having kids, while you absolutely adore them.
  • Avoids your family and friends.
  • Seems to be critical about almost anything you do.
  • Smirks at your religious beliefs.
  • Lies to you often.

Marriage is not just about legalizing a relationship. It is about a sincere and honest relationship, an unconditional commitment to each other. So, be sure you are in a relationship with the right person before you opt to be together for a lifetime.

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