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Everyone has their own opinion regarding online dating, Some people believe in its effectiveness and by constantly searching, they ultimately create a strong bond or a relationship. Everyone has their own opinion regarding online dating. Some people believe in its effectiveness and by constantly searching, they ultimately create a strong bond or a relationship. However, others think online dating is just a waste of time. One thing for sure, online dating has earned its place in the web space and hearts of millions of people. The amount of people joining online dating websites is growing rapidly every day, there is no denying that this is a new way of soulmate searching for many.

Today, it is easy to get acquainted with the web and get to know someone by just reading their bio. But many men wonder how to communicate with a woman in order to translate online relationships into the real deal. To begin, consider these most common mistakes in virtual communication:

Waiting for Her to Make the First Move

Etiquette and the law of communication on the Internet are different from those we use in real life. Such an initiative in no way discredits a man and certainly does not make it accessible. Both genders are on equal terms in the webspace. And whoever writes first will just decrease the wait time and increase the time of communication, so why wait?  There is only one condition though, the desire to communicate has to come from both of you. Regardless, if you as a man do not take any initiative at all, the relationship is might be difficult to steer in it the right direction

Difficult to Understand Overloaded Sentences

Try to write in short and simple phrases. Long sentences and lengthy videos get tiring and significantly reduce the desire to continue communication. If emotions overwhelm you and it does not work out to communicate briefly – switch to conversations over the phone or private chat


If a woman does not respond to your messages. Do not ask her why she is not responding ten times in a row. Being silent means she is not interested in further communication, so just don’t waste your time. If a woman is interested in a man, she will find a way to answer. Send a message, go to video chat and use any other option available. So, such communication, alas, must be taken with caution.

Typical Issues

All phrases like: “Hello, how are you doing“, “what are you doing”, “what are you up to” exclude in the communication immediately. It kind of seems like correspondence with a teenager. A woman needs to be interested, not annoyed from the start of the conversation in the chat. And such messages really don’t make you stand out in the crowd of the many men trying to talk to her. Send interesting information about your life, events that have surprised or pleased you, etc.


Virtual relationships, of course, have the right to exist. But, it’s still far from the real thing. Therefore, trying to control a woman or make any attempts to claim her is still at least too early. Or rather – you just do not have the right to do so. This behavior will only alienate the virtual partner from you and cross out all the chances of meeting and continuing communication in real life.

Finally, it is all up to you when it comes to getting your online partner interested in meeting you in real life. Be yourself, be genuine, and most importantly honest. If you want to meet the love of your life, sign up on Olivia Date and start messaging beautiful women that are looking for true love. 

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