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” It is important to discuss your relationship periodically. “

The two of you have been together for a couple of months, maybe even a couple of years. You have reached the point where you are comfortable, and yet your relationship seems to be stuck in a rut. A relationship often heads towards a serious commitment and in many cases, to marriage. Is your relationship heading somewhere or has just hit a pause? Usually, people ask themselves this question in two scenarios, when the relationship is going through a rough phase or when one or both partners are not really happy and excited in the relationship. 

A Rough Patch

Each one of us has wondered if our relationship is indeed going anywhere. Especially when you are going through a difficult time. A relationship cannot continue at the emotional high at which it began, and difficulties are a part of the package. Decide what it is making you question if the relationship is going anywhere. When your life together seems to be full of challenges you need to communicate your feelings with your partner. 

Most of the time, we put in a lot of effort into romancing our love interest at the first. Slowly, as we get comfortable in the relationship, we stop putting in so much time and effort. Everyone likes attention and wants to feel loved and appreciated. Without romance it seems like the relationship is stagnating or on a downward slide. Waking up to the telltale signs of discontent may give you enough time and chance to restart the fire. Don’t just stop at taking the weekend off. Make a genuine effort to add to each other’s lives on a daily basis. It doesn’t take much work or money to tell your mate that you love them.

Time to Move On

Are you holding on to your partner only because it feels like a secure place to be? Too many people hold on to relationships that aren’t going anywhere because they have become so comfortable in the security, and are afraid to let go and start looking for someone all over again. If this is the case, then you need to call it quits as soon as possible, for a relationship that does not provide what both partners need is bound to go sour soon. It is better to part ways now rather than delaying it until later when it could turn ugly. 

It is quite possible that you still love your partner, but are not feeling the passion and emotion that you would want in a romantic relationship. You need to communicate your feelings and discuss the situation with your mate. Often people find it difficult to let go of a relationship because of the emotions and time invested in it. However, if you have drifted apart and there doesn’t seem to be much spark left that can add spice back to the relationship, then it is better to move on. 

People grow as individuals and not just as a couple and at times, you may want different things from life and from the relationship. Therefore, if you are ready for a commitment but your partner is shying away from the very mention of it, then after a while, it is natural that you want to move on. Time changes people and their priorities. Sadly, sometimes the pace for you and your partner may be different and you may both want different things. It is important that you both discuss often whether your relationship is following the path you want.

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