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For many women, International Women’s Day is practically the female version of Christmas: on this day, ladies usually expect miracles and magic. Your lovely lady will never say what she would like to receive on this day because the most important thing is not the gift itself, but the surprise, care, and attention that her loved one will show to her. But between us, we can admit to ourselves that women have certain expectations from their men when it comes to March 8th.

International Women’s Day – is a very controversial holiday. Although it appears like its a celebration of the women’s struggle for their rights. On this day women absolutely do not want to unload the groceries, take the trash out and do house chores. Everything is quite simple, they want to feel you care and pay attention to the fact they are beautiful. Therefore, this feminisit holiday somehow converted into non-feminist celebration.

Moreover, on March 8th ladies take a somewhat passive position. If she is preparing for Christmas, she gets gifts, creates activities, and makes dinner for the whole family. So, on this day she is expecting all this to be done by you. And some ladies, just like in a fairy tale are waiting for a miracle. What kind of miracle you may ask?


A miracle is always something unexpected. Therefore, ladies do not want to know what men have prepared for this celebration: either its a gift or quality pastime. They want to be surprised. But, of course, within reasonable limits. For example, such an amazing gift as skydiving might not be appealing for a lot of women. Therefore, you might have a difficult task to find some activity your beautiful woman likes to do the most.


On this day, ladies are still waiting for romantic gifts and romantic behavior from their beloved men. If she is usually happy to accept useful gifts for Christmas or Birthday, then at the beginning of spring she will prefer to get something with romantic tones (please, make sure it’s not teddy bears or postcards). But a ring is a beautiful declaration of love, better yet a proposal — will be the most beautiful celebration of your lovely lady. Of course, these are just examples, it’s about the fact that you as a man show her that she is beautiful and loved. Although, ideally, you should show it to her more than once a year … But March 8th is simply a must!


Freedom from everyday routine is one of the greatest gestures. So “changing roles” on International Women’s Day seems quite natural to ladies. If in ordinary life household chores are more likely to be the responsibility of a woman, then on International Women’s Day a man is in charge in the kitchen. Of course, it might be a little scary for you. But, if anything, you can go to a restaurant. Again, ideally, you as a man should take on some of the housework as well, but unfortunately, in some families, this happens only once a year.

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