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“Do not always go by your rulebook. There is no universal formula to find your ideal partner.”

Online dating opens a world of eligible choices for dating and helps you discover people with similar interests. Cyberspace is the hot and happenin’ place to meet the love of your life, especially in times when career pressure allows less time for it. However, online dating can be equally frustrating when you realize you have wasted precious hours clicking on all the wrong profiles. Learn the art of online dating and make the most of it!

Get “Search” Savvy 

Are you overwhelmed with the number of profiles popping up online? Are you plagued by all the wrong responses in your inbox? You need to improve your search strategy.

To begin with, “define” your date. What do you fantasize about your dream date? Marriages are made in heaven, but be sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground when you decide what you desire in your prospective partner. Are you looking for a person in the medical profession just like yourself, so you can share the excitement, concerns, agony, (and dirty jokes!)? Be specific about your choice and preferences for religion, age, gender, interests or diet, so that you are not overwhelmed with too many irrelevant profiles. It is easier to hit the bull’s eye if you can narrow down your criteria.

Operation Dating 

When you go onto dating sites, be sure of your intention and stick to it. Are you looking for a soul mate? Do you crave romance? Many people exchange messages and gather a great bunch of friends online. It may be a bit late before they realize their primary aim in exploring the online world. Do not continue messaging just because you feel sympathy for her, or because he seems to be a nice person. Stick to the ones you would wish to be in a relationship with and do not give false hope to the others.

Go After Your Instincts

She may not be your perfect dream date but if your sixth sense beeps “ Its the one!” go for it. Do not always go by your rulebook. There is no universal formula to pick up an ideal partner.

It’s No Sin to Look at Pictures

If you sense an instant attraction when you see her photograph, proceed. It is only human to be attracted to beauty, but make sure it is not just physical attraction or lust you feel. Physical appeal is a vital ingredient of a relationship. In fact, scanning photos is a smart way to start your search.

Getting in Touch

When you like a particular profile, respond ASAP. Don’t take ages to compile an ornate response. Start with a short and simple email. Be yourself. Everyone loves some appreciation, so begin with a compliment to catch her attention. Do not weave yarns about yourself and your history. Just reveal enough details about yourself to foster her interest in you. Discuss your common interests. Avoid asking too many questions. Do not send a formal reply that you have saved on your computer to everyone. Add a personalized touch to it to show you are interested.

Get Going

If you have exchanged enough emails to raise interest in each other, it is time to move ahead (unless you plan to continue having a platonic relationship forever). Get her personal contact information, pick up the phone and talk to each other. Plan a meeting. That way you can get an idea of whether it’s serious or not. Who knows, you may discover enough about each other to fall in love.

Safe Online Dating

Remember you are dating a virtual stranger in cyberspace, so play it safe. Do not reveal too much personal information until you establish trust. Keep your home address, place of work and personal telephone number confidential. Arrange a meeting only after you reach a particular comfort level. Be sure your first meeting is in a public place where you feel safe.

A guarded approach will help you keep an eye on problematic dates and nip the relationship in the bud.

Happy Online Dating!

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